Unfinished Red Poem

Joana Gelazyte is an interdisciplinary artist, who hardly fits in any frames. She is working in Lithuania, also, at the moment, in Norway.

Artist’s works comes from direct intuitive contemplating, which later develops in to certain creative actions (performances, installation, painting). This is individual life interpretation, storytelling, based on own experience, momentary twinkles.

Creativity is nurtured by dreams, sounds, old native Baltic roots, people which are met each time anew.

Nature is great inspiration. Joana for her artworks is using her own body also natural materials. Ashes and wood becomes part of art, body and forest rug converges into one, natural pigments and materials starts a riot. The most important is form, composition and each accomplished detail, which endows poetry. Art is based on belief that universal flowing energy transits through everything – from tree leaf to human, from human to a soul, from soul to galactic.

Creativity is cleaning up, ritual, where line between real life and creation doesn’t exist.

It is important that art object would be exposure to surrounding environment and spectators, that everyone would be involved in action, because it is the best way to feel meaning of the artwork.
“Unfinished red poem”

Joana Gelazyte will present her artwork “Unfinished Red Poem”. This is a performance-ritual, extension of “Poetry of Day Life”, which started in Norwegian woods and fields. “Unfinished Red Poem” is a lifeline, never-ending and spreading all directions, sometimes faster than human can foresee. It is a collusion with surrounding space, contact with those who are near reminder of running life line that once anyway will break. Everyone has his own unfinished life stories, poetries and it can be continued forever in the realation with the close ones. It is trying to peek at that other side, when the life line is already broken.

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AUWH Artista, Fotografo, Giornalista
Joana Gelazyte
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Joana Gelazyte Artista, Performer, Pittore
day by day I growing up, soon You will see something new , soon you will read new one RED POEM.

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