Meaning in motion

Video, Architettura, Minimal, Paesaggio, Filmato, 5:31
Through large-scale projections of words, literary passages and poems onto moving trains as well as from a moving car onto the environment (houses, trees, buildings, fences, freeways, etc.), I investigate how different environments and contexts affect the projected words, and how the projected words affect the environments. Capturing each projection on video and photography, the long exposure used results in transparency, multiplicity, and fragmentation of the words as they adopt the fast changing shapes of the projected surfaces. Meaning in Motion is an art project that proposes an open-ended dialogue between image and viewer through motion, language, color, and form. I am interested in how, through language and the meaning of words, we feel compelled to reflect, as the passing train constitutes a metaphor of life, and the words a means for questioning ourselves, delivering different answers for each viewer.
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