Aphorisms is a single- or two-channel video piece comprised of a series of short vignettes. Set in familiar work environments, each vignette examines the interactions of two identical figures. These brief exchanges describe a range of attitudes - from camaraderie to cruelty to confusion and back - while a voice recites a series of aphoristic sayings. The on-screen action and monotone narration offer a wry reflection on commuttal behavior and communication. The narration, repurposed from work-oriented self help books, reflects and subsequently perverts the aspiration for an idealized self, while the near-slapstick action of the figures is grounded in the messiness of everyday behavior - selfish impulses, clashing intent, and sexual innuendo. The two elements amplify each’s absurdity, resulting in a disturbingly familiar depiction of life at work.

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Lucia Cannone
6 anni fa
Lucia Cannone Artista
Wonderful and unic!
Corrado Lippi
7 anni fa
Corrado Lippi Artista
Opera molto bella. Complimenti e grazie dell'amicizia.

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