Change Itself is Empty

Change Itself is Empty

Where did we begin? This piece starts with the word. Two columns of archaic chinese ideograms form the basis of the dance that follows and flows out of their forms. Here is a tapestry of an instant, or a landscape of an eon.

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gabriele lombardi
7 anni fa
i like too
Experience of life with  Emily Eunjue Hayes
7 anni fa
That is Right, "Change Itself is Empty"
While Journey, We are For Change. Constant Change. From Empty, Without Having any, We are Going Back to This Total Emptiness. What Ever We Try to Fulfill Within Earthly things are Illusion. Empty this Illusion is Through Change. By Accepting the Truth, We Go Back to Where We Truly Belong. We Use Things that Are Here for Here. But Must Know, It Came From Within This Life~ And Must Know How to Live Empty By Use it Right, With Right Attitude Toward What is. Beautiful~ Art Speaks What are the Truth~~~
Waldemar Dabrowski
7 anni fa
Very interesting...!
Geoff Dunlop
7 anni fa
Geoff Dunlop Artista
I like this
Rudolf Lichtenegger
8 anni fa
Beautiful work!

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