The Two Joannas: Stone #Paper #Scissors

The Two Joannas: Stone #Paper #Scissors

I am interested in portraiture that somehow triggers our deepest knowing of how the world may be unmade in an instant. Employing a dramatic Goya palette on Polaroid, I probe psyche, encounters and mixed origins through introspective poses that invite conceptual, psychological and historical contemplation on the part of the viewer.

©"The Two Joannas: #Stone #Paper #Scissors" (2012)
More images of the triptych are available to view in Portfolio.

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alfio catania
6 anni fa
alfio catania Artista
Joanna Laromani
7 anni fa
Joanna Laromani Artista
Thank you.
Franco Confessore
7 anni fa
Souad Nasr Makhoul
8 anni fa
fantastic !
Birgit Oestergaard
8 anni fa
it´s a beautiful work filled with soul and stories to be told.

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