Video, Paesaggio, 30:00
In my project Unfolding (2010) I explore the theme of collapsed distance and time
through a diptych of digital photo and projected video. The video is a progression
of still photographs taken from the same vantage point out the front of my car
window while moving from New Jersey to California. The position of the vanishing
point in each photo is in roughly the same position. Each photo zooms in slightly
before dissolving into the next. They are presented in a tumbling, slow moving motion.
The images are blurred to concentrate on the abstracted forms that are created
through such movement, to create obscurity, and to create a soft visual tactility. This
is coupled with the sound of the ocean, which has been digitally slowed down to
match the rhythm of the images. With the video projected large scale, an immersive
environment is created that allows the viewer a space for concentrated contemplation.
The image is a layering of all the photographs, shown simultaneously at an equal opacity.
Non ci sono mi piace

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