Pittura, Astratto informale, 76.2x88.9x3.8cm
My work oscillates between painting and sculpture, inviting spectators to not only question the conventionality and practice of painting, but the opportunity to immerse themselves in an imaginative, and seductive, mystical world. By using multiple layers of various fabrics to dress the canvases, I am creating work that reflects the product of my environment, while also evoking the mythological Greek goddesses in a contemporary manner.

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Cri me
7 anni fa
Cri me Artista
Mi piace molto
heryk tomassini
7 anni fa
heryk tomassini Artista
grazie mille!
Corrado Lippi
7 anni fa
Corrado Lippi Artista
Opera molto interessante. Complimenti e grazie dell'amicizia.

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