Machine of the Body

Machine of the Body

Composed of postures of the body, this larger than life-size piece describes a journey through both a personal universe and the greater cosmos. "Machine of the body" is an English translation of the Tibetan work "trulkhor", which is the word used to describe the subtle energetic body. This is a subtle body map created over an extended period of time through the patient accumulation of marks and ancient script. There are two overlapping scales and narratives. From a distance, you see a diagram of the macrocosmic form. Up close, you see another narrative of postures of the body and ancient alphabets. The two scales are in a constant dialogue that reflects the dynamics of working with the subtle body - the more deeply you drop into a single point, the more you are able to see the greater picture. The final image is designed to make the viewer drop in and step out to take in the whole. A complete experience, Machine of the Body strives to create a new paradigm to describe the relationship between man and the universe - an Eastern Vitruvian Woman.

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7 anni fa
very elaborate like beautiful technique

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