My dog, Giovanni dies in his house. He is very old.

My dog, Giovanni dies in his house. He is very old.

This project started with a letter that I have created for an international art project organized by Art House Coop. The letter was exhibited in April, 2012 in Brooklyn, NYC.

In this letter I have recalled some bad childhood memories and at the end of the letter I have suggested the idea to bury these recollections.

Next time when I have traveled to Hungary and stayed at the house where I was raised, I wrote my bad memories into a booklet, teared out the notes and hanged them at the places where they did happen in the past. Then I collected them and burned and burried them in the garden.

I recorded the act of writing and burrying and photographed the notes.

This project is work in progress. The video and the images are the first try outs. The form of presentation is not decided yet. The images are working images without any kind of retouching, the video is also unedited.
Non ci sono mi piace

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