The Period : I'm sorry mum

The Period : I'm sorry mum

concept and skirts-cages design by Nike Brass Alghisio
pic by Paola verde

Second costum designer by Litan Trace

visual effects by Alessandra Leone
sound design by Laura Energia
acting Litantrace e Nike Brass Alghisio
Realization sculptures (skirts-cages) by Zazzaro Otto

(Special thanks to Darkam Asiylum )

-Little girls look their vaginas with the mirror , they must enter in their bodies for discover themself- -Women are blood and milk. The blood of the women it's what we can give. our gift to the nature And the circle of life go on, and on and on and on... -

This is articulate and multidisciplinary performance wich contains different kind of arts and a lot of symbols and metaphoric meanings talking about the feminine world : the mother widow that guides the daughter bride along the walk of life, at the same time it's an introspective dialoge of a woman with all of her contaddictions. . Extreme bodyart used for talk about female conditions, especially the secret about our relation with the blood. It's a performance that contains She gave us her blood, ...

From my diary (2006) :

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