The "bull Tagan» Fluxrus group "Belka and Strelka" S. Pesetskaya, V. Barvenko installation, cardboard, acrylic, paper, tape, rope, plastic, wood, PRK lamp, fluorescent acrylic, 2012 The project is executed in the style of comics with exaggerated, "crumpled" way instead of a head arm , in a gesture of "goat" means a typical raspaltsovku hooligans. Impersonation hooligans-the essence of his project is a genre scene of metaphorical "life» hooligans. Option 1 - "Showdown or cool guys": "bend the fingers» - hooligans, showing its superiority over other people, a man whose position apparently does not match the words. Same as "fingers like a fan" 2. version of "Tough guys tied to the concepts of" Life on concepts - a kid who does not - the loser. Do you want to live well - live on concepts. Who refuses to live by the concepts, he does not understand them.
The project used a rope as a metaphor for real bundles "are notions"
Non ci sono mi piace

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svetlana pesetskaya
7 anni fa
Seleste prize 2012 projekt Hooligans installeischin

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