What about North Korea 2

What about North Korea 2

The western world is so concerned about countries like Iraq, Syria, Libya, etc., but WHAT ABOUT NORTH KOREA? A completely closed country with a dictatorial regime where people are suffering. They live in an artificial community where the only light they can see, is their leaders. Who cares about the children who are in famine? Who cares that people have been punished for four generations? Inside people are all the same; the soldier; the teacher; the child. The western world is only interested in something, if they can benefit from it. this painting is telling a story of the North Korean children in pain, who live in fear and can't imagine a free life. Do you care?

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Simone Stawicki
7 anni fa
Simone Stawicki Artista
Thank you all for your comments
irene demetrino
7 anni fa
irene demetrino Artista
Molto bello complimenti!
Maristella  Angeli
7 anni fa
Maristella Angeli Premium Artista, Pittore
Notevole! Complimenti!
Corrado Lippi
7 anni fa
Corrado Lippi Artista
Bellissima. In bocca al lupo.

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