The end

Worked in the video are the concepts of temporality, life / death, self-fruition and re-signification, based on the belief that everything is transformed following a path to the end, making a parallel with the load iconological present in the objects and materials used, its significant, their duties and concepts, reflecting on the time correlated to human finitude. So time, implacable and inexorable transforms everything, making every moment, a single and immutable range in irreversible journey to end.

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Suzan a1qq Hijab
8 anni fa
Innovative works-I see nothing but small thin women young
-I lavori innovativi vedo altro che piccole donne sottili giovane
Roxanne Brousseau Felio
8 anni fa
Brilliant. Well done Antonio. Irony of how a concept can be timeless and yet the subject is temporal. Bravo. Thank you for sharing. ~Roxanne

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