The Sheperdess

The Sheperdess

Pittura, Figura umana, Olio, 77x102x5cm
My art explores the dynamic frontier between abstraction and figuration. This fertile area keeps alive the infinite possibilities of being human in an age intent upon closing them down. Using a strikingly vibrant palette, each painting composes a music of colour where subtle gradation and dramatic contrast express nuance of emotion and sensuous physicality. The work also expresses the direct sensation of lived experience through organic shapes and forms woven from flowing lines and then gaze of the viewer. yo are invited to participate in a creative encounter with these elements, constructing your own languages and meanings. From this, questions arise about the interactions between humans and their many environments. It is hoped there also follows an increased sense of wonder at your own capacity for re-interpretation and invention which will bring upliftment to you and the world in which you are living

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