A Play On Words

A Play On Words

Jan McNeill is a Belfast based artist whose sculptural installation is contemporary, clean and subtle, leaving the focus on the work and no distraction from the surrounding space. Her work is inquisitive, tactile and provokes an individual response.

A PLAY ON WORDS is work based around the theme of language and this installation creates a space where language can be explored in a physical form giving a playful context and an alternative view of how language can exist around us.

This new sculptural installation comprises of materials such as silicone, brushed metal hooks and hung from the ceiling via a network of silk thread which give a subtlety to the work and captures the fragility of language through its fragile physical form.

Her silicone sculpture mimics the barriers and difficulties around language, hanging the text allowing gravity to distort the image and encode the text.

She also explores the impact language has on the everyday person, their ability to interact with language and the access to language despite being historically held by the institution.

The artist’s own relationship around language has often been ambivalent and a struggle to understand the complexities, confusion and intimidation around the power and authority of words.

This installation is normally held in a room 4m x 3m but is highly adaptable.

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Joanne Proctor
7 anni fa
Joanne Proctor Artista
Congratulations Jan!!! :-)
Jan McNeill
7 anni fa
Jan McNeill Artista
Corrado Lippi
7 anni fa
Corrado Lippi Artista
Molto bella. Grazie dell'amicizia. e in bocca al lupo.

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