The Art Critics

The Art Critics

What is art? Who has the right to judge?
Curators? Art dealers? Or anyone else who are art related?

People go to an exhibition with different purpose, art appreciating, investment planning, network expanding, friends gathering blablabla...

No matter who they are or what they do, as long as they're focusing on that art and start thinking, they could all be the art critics, or even be part of the art.

My art is not focusing on what to exhibit, but how people react.

Our audiences are part the the art piece.

3 paintings of extremely simple and cliche visuals are mounted on canvas in the gallery. While audiences are wondering why this shit could be selected as part of the show, we're having spy cameras to record their reactions & immediately projected onto the video at the back panel.

To me, art is something makes people think, something involves our audiences.
Non ci sono mi piace

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