A Play On Words

A Play On Words

Installazione, Astratto informale, Materiali vari, 300x300x300cm
My practice has evolved through many materials and forms but continues to manifest itself as installation, photography or sculpture, sometimes a mixture of all three.

Currently, I have become intrigued by language and although language ideology is a relatively new dimension to the work, it is one I have investigated in this current work A Play On Words (2011).

This work is an interrogator of language, its power and authority and the impact it has on the individual to create barriers of class and gender.

A linguistic sparring between viewer and the work occurs causing questions to be asked but leaving the response to personal interpretation.

My intention is to bring a sense of lived experience of language within a quiet subtle space.

This echoes a desire to make work that creates an intimate, reflective space leaving a residue of lived experience within the viewer long after they have departed.

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