Eye Contact with the City

‘Eye Contact with the City’ is a sound/video installation with 4-channel sound and 1-channel video projection, produced during BAR1, Bangalore, supported by India Foundation for the Arts.

The primary materials used in the work are the video footage shot over the streets in Bangalore, and field recordings made at various construction sites in the city; materials also include restored audio from used reel-tapes found on streets of flea market in the city of Bangalore.

As an immersive sound/video installation, the work frames an essential idleness embedded in the character of Bangalore that is constantly challenged by urban development and rapid growth by new constructions and expansion of the city. The work intends to reflect upon this incongruity in Bangalore as representative of other Indian cities having similar dichotomies and conflicts between tradition and growth.

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7 anni fa
Complimenti, molto interessante. Ciao.

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