Installazione, Fantasia / Visionario, Astratto informale, Figura umana, Video installazione, 130x180x400cm
'Blurlay' is an interactive space Installation. The layout of display is facing to each other to create a physical depth of human perceptions. A movement in between two lightings and two displays imitates human relationship between the Sun and the Human Eyes. It directs not only human appearances, also the spatial depth of perception.

Two PDP Screens with incandescent lightings and Cameras faced to each other. The lightings give a visual threshold from user’s distance to each screens. The screen normally displays a blurred image in between two PDPs. It reveals a light-reflected spot (user) and shows focused image over blurred visual in realtime. At the same time, each blurred visual without focused spot overlays on each displays. Therefore, two setups are connected to visualize a depth of reflections in the space.
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