Nothing Space (The Mute Song)

Nothing Space (The Mute Song)

Installazione, Paesaggio, Materiali vari, 200x300x25cm
what is the discovery of the landscape? The origin roots of the modern western gardenning had been said that they have something to do with the existences of the paintings on the 16th -Century . Until that time, nobody had never awared as the landscape as if the natures would had been existenced what is used to be. The concept of the [Landscape] had been born, when many painters had begun to paint the natures what is used to be. This is the discovery of the {Landscape]. But many landscapes had been drawn in japanese [SUIBOKU-GA] or Chinese pictures rolls one thousand years ago . Any landscapes which had been drawn in Japanese or Cinese pictures rolls one thousand years ago are simply [imagined natures ] . abstractive, in our minds , are different from the natures what is used to be. It had been said that the first [Landscape] had been drawn is the back landscape of the [MONALIZ] drawn by Leonald Da vincti . By the way, the western peoples , who had discovered the [Landscape] , had begun to invent or reconstruct the natures as the art works. This is the BIRTH of the western gardennig .
There are 2-methods for the sake of the western gardenning , separatedly following .
At the first, landscape gardenning influenced with the natures , with up and down stripes. And secondly the flat geomedical gardenning invented by techonogical, geomedically . On this time, I wanna display the space in order to symbolize the doctrines of the [ZENN] in the birth places of the [Christinanity] so that the oriental powers to export to the western society on the opposite of the 20th-centuery .

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Waldemar Dabrowski
7 anni fa
Very interesting...!!
7 anni fa
Cat Premium Fotografo
Original !

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