Still waiting'

Still waiting'

'The reflective thought exploring Anxiety in the creative process of making'

I started painting geometric works loosely related to the world around me, merely based in reality.
The symmetry, asymmetry, lines of this artwork, sometimes using drawing; other time though improvisation, captivates the viewer to examine and to reflect in the composition, texture and the general construction of the work which I incorporate both; drawing & paintings, trying to reinforce, the trajectory relationship between both narratives with access to material from my id,’ the agency of the mind, which is unconscious and contains instinctual contents’ I am able to channel creativity, but contradictory Freud said: the use of unconscious material, however, is conceived by Freud as a necessary, but not sufficient basis for the creation of art.

To help in the development and in constructing the work I use tools to fabricate new meaning in communication, re-inventing new ways of express hidden, sometimes painful feelings.

Therefore, this so called ‘new communication urge the idea that persecutory anxiety, guilt and general unease and dread in the face of reality, can instigate the early urgency to displace such unconscious emotions’.
This also stimulates the creative urge and promotes the process of symbol formation which is primary in this body of work.

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