Installazione, Minimal, Astratto geometrico, Video installazione, 300x300x300cm
SYN is a synchronization request packet on the Internet.
SYN means “togheter” in ancient greek.
SYN is the synapsis.
Through the synapses a neuron exchanges informations in the form of chemical-electrical impulses to other neurons within a neural network managed by the brain. The “social brain” (Luis Cozolino) exchanges information through social impulses, rather than chemical-electrical ones.
In contemporary society, the social impulses do not just come from physical relationships, but more and more from virtual ones.

SYN installation represents an artificial neural system with a constant exchange of electrical inpulses. The constant exchange of electrical impulses is realised using QuartzComposer to set a precise videomapping activated by topic related tweets on Twitter and audience web-interaction. Using a mobile device (smartphone, tablet or laptop), anybody can send a spark, a creative contribution from the festival location or all over the city. Each spark will activate the installation and can be visualized on the dedicated app.

Art Direction/IxD: Mariano Leotta
Set Design: Marta Nardi
App developing: Francesco Enea
AV performance: Kaeba, Aikia, Born Holmer

XV Biennale de la Mediterranèe, Thessaloniki, Greece
B-seite, Zeitraumexit, Mannheim, Germany
III Moscow Biennale, MMOMA, Moscow, Russia
ISEA, Richard Levy Gallery, Albuquerque, USA

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