Delicious Dishes N°1: Van Nogh

Delicious Dishes N°1: Van Nogh

This is one plate from our project called "Delicious Dishes". We are working together with a cook to realize those portraits and famous paintings into delicious dishes.
This one is a Van Gogh, called "Van Nogh". The word "Nog" means "more" in dutch. We had to give it a twist.
For now all is made up in "Paint", a standard windows application. But in the near future all the dishes will be realized at an expostiion.
In this project we have the Dali Soup, the Van Gogh Pepper Steak, the Marilyn Warhol Spaghetti and the Toulouse Lautrec Dessert.
Hope you like it!

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Diva Benini
7 anni fa
Diva Benini Artista
thanks for the compliemnts!!
7 anni fa
Cat Premium Fotografo
Original :)

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