FLOCK : 3-channel video installation

Installation : three screens of video. The video that is being played back is the same video on each screen, except each projection is started at a different time-point ~ 00:00, 20:00, and 40:00.

Formally, I have manipulated the video to introduce decay and aberration into the video files. This gives degraded image in the playback, intentionally. This process is a metaphorical approach to the process of memory, of mental information storage.

Artist statement :

A friend of mine asked me what meditation was like. She could not imagine witnessing the process of her own mind at work.

FLOCK : a poetic expression of recursive thought and its relationship to memory.

The architecture of memory altered by perspective, by the passage of time. We reshape things to suit a point of view. We forget, we reconstruct.

A video camera perched in a window recorded a flock of pigeons patterned flight. A handheld camera captured their behavior from the back yard.

No information is static.

The finished work loops like the birds' own behavior.
Non ci sono mi piace

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