Falling star gold

Falling star gold

Pittura, Paesaggio, Olio, 60x80cm
I have always believed that there is no greater and in meantime simpler, available inspiration source than nature – there you can find anything ... you just need to know how to look for it. My landscape is like an old travel memories, such as returning random and always seem to be so beautiful. There each hill is like a symbol, the water is clear, the stars shine bright and colorful even in daytime. The land is covered with glossy snow, but trees want different season and decorate themselves with sanguine, transparent sheets. Looking at nature, I discovered for myself more and more new patterns, and these worlds’ rules I’m reading like an open book. All the things subordinate each to the other and following a certain rhythm, proportions formed a harmonious and balanced. When I’m painting nature, I’m not copying it, but I choose valuable and attractive, landscape construction layer by layer. Natural elements, mixed with oil paints, make a brand new, unseen material. Knowledge of the merger imagination, from before unsensed atmosphere. Put into the case of my will, I’m creating a new world. And no one can object, as it appears in my paintings.

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Elia Funiati
8 anni fa
Elia Funiati Artista
Very nice!

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