A Low Resolution Appendage

Animazione, Astratto geometrico, Motion graphics, 2:45
This animation consists of unused sequences from 'A Low Resolution Resonance'. The repeating motif stems from theories on the cause of the Big Bang, one of which states that the Universe is in a perpetual state of rebirth, expanding and collapsing in on itself, a cycle refered to in Hindu Cosmology as the Maha Yuga.
In the animation this can be seen as a cycle or perhaps a universe within a universe, the sun sequence hints at an esoteric or metaphysical aspect to the proceedings, something which emerged musically within 'A Low Resolution Resonance'.
The sound consists of two samples from Bee Mask's Elegy for a Beach Friday album, recordings of vinyl crackle and a three tone improvisation on a Roland SH-01.
Non ci sono mi piace

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