Vacío (Empty)

Vacío (Empty) is a video-art work about the body, vital space and their "expropriation" by various forms of control. It reflects my concern about the multiple contemporary evidence that points to the fact that we are still far, as humanity, from experience our body as an intimate, deep and inescapable property.

- During june 2010, this piece was premiered as a finalist on the 2010 Digital Graffiti Festival on Alys Beach, Florida.
- During september 2010, this piece was part of the film screening programme at the International Digital Art Festival of the National Academy of Art at Sofia, Bulgaria.
- During september 2011, this piece was part of the "Screens" program at "La Clínica Mundana" in Valencia, Spain, under the theme "50+50: 100% Igualdad".

Graphic Artist: Daniel Iván
Camera, Original Music and Editing: Daniel Iván
Additional Images: Alan Butler, Azed Majeed, Nalts, The Poor Bastard, Rusted Gate, Prajnaupaya, Plewizard, Trucker Tom and Treading.
Anatomical Drawings: Andries van Wiesel
Text: Daniel Iván.
Models: Sol Rezza and Daniel Iván.
November, 2009.
Creative Commons License (read it at

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