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A clean, customised, advertising-free personal page

The best way to present your work and make your efforts count.

Full access to Celeste's archives

For advanced searches in all works and members.

Top visibility

Better positioning of your work and your profile in the network.

Increase your limits

Raise the number of members you can contact and the number of public and private messages.


€ 25 / year


One-off 5 €

Personal page

Top visibility with a better positioning of your page, events, artwork and projects in all network pages
No adverts on your personal page
Colours and layout, personalised for your page
Minimise header and footer


Show off your artwork by using bigger or smaller image sizes
Feature in 'New Premiums' in the Artwork and Members' pages
Sell your artwork in the 'Shop' area 30 1


Members you can contact each day with public and private messages 30 10
Comments each day 100 10
Upload more artwork and content in your page Unlimited 50
View up to 300 results simultaneously, artwork, events, blogs, projects 300 80

Search and statistics

Advanced Search for an ultimate professional, in depth research of members and artwork

An invaluable service, specifically developed for arts professionals and artists, which allows speedy and accurate searches on all information in the network relating to artwork and members. Perfect your search by using the multiple choices available in a

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Statistics keep track of visits to your page to improve your awareness and professional practice

Our statistics service for Celeste Network members allows you to keep track of all information relating to visits to your personal page and evaluate visitors' interest to your work (frequency of return, average time for each visit, page visualisations...). It is a valuable tool to monitor and boost your work!

If you wish to have additional details you can also configure your account in Celeste to Google Analytics.

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With free, Basic membership you can showcase your artwork, events, projects, blogs and create portfolios. You can also follow and interact with work by members which interest you, share your work and take part in the community's activities.