I have grown in Russia in the period of changes of 90th years. At those times it was impossible to define who is right and who is left. Since then I divide people into people of extreme views and liberal people. I personally tend more to the liberal attitude.

My works focus on the meeting point of sensations, emotions, and ideas.
My creativity is guided by the intellectual patterns that envelope my sensations – a generalization that extends from those sensations.
I look at my intimate experiences from the outside, and translate them into a visual language based on conceptual insights.
My paintings contain imaginary objects. Each object implies the possibility of transforming into a symbol, a metaphor – when looked at from another angle, in a different way. The visual tools allow me to perceive in ways that are not possible in reality. My paintings do not contain many images. I deliberately limit the number of objects in a painting, seeking to discover depth.
My works hinge on the tangible, creating weight solidity and volume. Each work does not only reflect objects – it is an object in and of itself.