At ten Szabo received a Brownie camera, photographed family and friends on the beach, which began her first series. Deeply influenced by the idea of History, Szabo received a BA/History from Virginia Commonwealth University, also completing all formal photographic studies offered. The first portraits were of herself and family, which were published in 1979, (In/sights: Self-Portraits by Women). Since 1989 she has received numerous grants and awards from state and national art commissions. These include grants from the Phoenix Arts Commission to document the construction of the new airport, the Tempe Arts Commission to photograph the historical Peterson House and The Arizona Commission on the Arts to create portraits of “icons” of Chicano art history. She has been featured in Black and White Magazine, Focus Magazine and Sun Magazine.
Szabo’s successful virtuoso range of themes include images of Maria Callas, unconventional landscapes such as “X’s and O’s: Dreamtime”, “Jessica’s Wedding” and the “Mermaid”.
Szabo is represented by the Victoria Boyce Galleries in Scottsdale, AZ and InterFlight Studios in Miami, Fl. Her work was shown in Miami Basel 2009. The city of Scottsdale, AZ‘s has recently purchased 3 images for their public art collection and Alligator Juniper, a national literary magazine awarded Szabo the National Photography Award. Current museum exhibitions include the Mesa Contemporary Art Museum, Tucson Museum of Art, the Tempe Arts Center, and the Palos Verde Art Center, CA.