Auction your works with VirArtGallery without commission
Sito web, Stati Uniti, New York City, 30 settembre 2015
Competenze: Spazio Espositivo
We are developing our online auctions system with which anyone will can auctioning his works, establishing starting price, reserve price and direct selling price (Buy Now Price).

No commission on sales demand and no intermediary costs!

VirArtGallery presumable will demand only a fixed price of € 10 for each work listing through our portal*.

* N.B:

1. the purchaser will have to pay directly to the owner of the work who who must arrange for the work’s delivery and provide to all the necessary legal guarantees provided by law.

2. the payment of the € 10 to VirArtGallery will be due in advance and independently of the outcome of the auction.

3. VirArtGallery disclaims any liability for any legals problem between buyer and seller is not playing any intermediary role except to put at our disposal their site for the conduct of the auction.

All the potential interested parties can contact us for more information at

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