First open competition
Premio, Stati Uniti, New York City, 30 aprile 2015
Competenze: Spazio Espositivo, Allestitore, Critico, Curatore, Gallerista, Assistente galleria, Fotografo, Video cameraman, Giornalista, Sponsor, Investitore, Artista
The competition includes the participation with each type of work (Paintings, Photographs, Videos and Digital Graphics works) and is open to anyone interested who can provide, if the winner, a minimum number of 14 works.

The participation fee is 10 Euros.

The artist selected will be published on VirArtGallery with his Virtual Personal Exhibition (with up to a maximum of 28 works) on our website and will published in the annual digital catalog of works of VirArtGallery.

To participate: or

Deadlines: April 30, 2015

Publication personal exhibition of the winner: June 2015

Project team 2


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