Poetry in Visual
Festival, Portogallo, Aveiro, 20 aprile 2015
Competenze: Spazio Espositivo, Luogo per Meeting, Allestitore, Critico, Curatore, Assistente galleria, Giornalista, Tecnico audio, Tecnico video, Guardiania, Pulizia, Illuminazione, Monitor / DVD Player, Proiettore / Schermo, Materiale per allestimento, Computer / Stampante, Artista, Organizzatore di Eventi, Social Media Communications
CALL FOR ARTISTS: “POETRY IN VISUAL” submission online deadline 20 of April.

Moving Exhibition project staring in Aveiro region! The exhibition will take place during the month of June 2015 in 2 locations: Gallery of City Museum of Aveiro and Gallery of Capitania building.Poetry in Visual is not only a visual arrangement of the text, Poetry in Visual is art in which the visual is the text and the text is visual; it can include symbols, images, both or none. We invite the creative works where Poetic element is conceived as an important in reading of the intended effect of the work and take up over the excellence of craftsmanship. Artworks in which poesies is visible, poesies is the message, poesies is the desire which subordinates the choice of subject and of technique. All mediums are welcome: graphics, photography, painting, sculpture, book, installation, video works and collage. There is no limitation for professional statues of participants. You welcome to share your original approach of Poetry in Visual.

More info and application at http://projectartmap.com/

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