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New York is filled with Art.





Art shall happen.

Whether it is for the art itself or for change in our world.

I know of many artists who could only influence after their death or in their old years.

Artists who have been living for their art, died for their art - unaided, poor and at this time - unknown.

No doubt, it is beautiful to live and die for one's art But how much more beautiful would it be to contribute, to cooperate, to see one's impact.


Read. See. Experience.

Arbitrariness is the red thread leading through the arts.

How many Painters, Photographers, Performing Artists, Musicians, Actors, Authors, Playwrights, Poets, Sculptors were found randomly?

Unfortunately it is not enough anymore to just be good.

There is to much business in the Arts.

I want a place where

art can be art.

nothing more.

I want to create a local New York based social network platform exclusively for Artists.

A place were an Artist can post a topic or inform about a project and other Artists will automatically be informed if it suits their in their profile.

A non commercial minimalistic remix of craigslist and Facebook with less then one thousand members.

A place for wonder, inspiration, A place to present ones art, to collaborate - all local, all in New York.

Nothing on the platform shall stay virtual.

See it as a base, the starting line for everything around your and others art.

We work close with art gallery owners and museums, and if you wish so your art will automatically be submitted to a long list of potential exhibitors and buyers.

Inside of the Network collaborative Art will show the relations between Artists.

You will be able to post Vimeo, Flickr or YouTube Videos like on Facebook.

And so much more....

The project itself is at the starting line right now,

there is a concept but we need creative people, who would contribute to the creation of this platform.

This is a non-profit project about the Arts, its gratuity will be in it's growth.

But we can take a small commission from sales to make a living out of a project we will do so much for.

For now I am calling for Artists.

Web designers

Graphic designers







and of course

potential members,

creatives who can contribute to new ideas and a name for the project.

A place to work, to start from.

people who can contribute to a future for New York based Art.

Thank you,

Please email me with your profession in the subject line and the way you want to contribute in the following.

And share this article with other interesting people.

Project team 2

Aveli . Fabian Freese

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