News Contemporary Art
Sito web, Regno Unito, London, 17 luglio 2052
Competenze: Studio Artistico, Spazio Espositivo, Curatore, Gallerista, Fotografo, Grafico web, Decoratore, Attrezzatura Fotografica, Proiettore / Schermo, Materiale per allestimento, Artista
News Contemporary Art

Project: Information Portal "News Contemporary Art", this is the first inter active news project contemporary art is designed, for professionals in the world contemporary art. Media reporters covering the events in the world of contemporary art, artists, sculptors, gallery owners, curators and all those who are near and dear to the world of contemporary art. Dear artists, we appritiate that you can talk about your art in this project. Dear colleagues, journalists here you can take any material for your publications. Our life style; - Contemporary art without borders…

File Requirements: Filenames cannot contain any non-English characters. Images must be a resolution of 300 pixels. And no less than 1000 pixels on the larger side of the picture. Image size should be no more than 5 mb. Otherwise, the files will not be displayed.

After registration, you will be able to independently add their materials, and news art

Curatorial: art curatorial Alik Vetrof project, News Contemporary Art. I am seeking gallery representation in L.A., San Francisco, NEW YORK, Seattle and Monterey Peninsula.

Contacts: 31 & 34 Cork Street, London, W1S 3NU, United Kingdom

For further information, please visit the e-mail

tel.:+38 094 949 03 44

Ffor view images of art work, click on the banner image, and opens page go to art work

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