Space Art
Mostra, Stati Uniti, Albuquerque, 09 maggio 2050
Competenze: Critico, Insegnante, Fotografo, Video cameraman, Giornalista, Grafico stampa, Attrezzatura Video, Monitor / DVD Player, Proiettore / Schermo, Computer / Stampante, Audio/video Service, Artista
To survive as a species we must eventually shift from terrestrial to cosmic civilization. The more we progress towards global unity, peace, science and medicine for everyone, the more our planet will become overcrowded and the less resources there will be to feed and clothe or house everyone. That's why we must explore space with the spirit of Columbus, seeking planets to terraform and inhabit--to spread life in the universe.

Project team 2

Officina del Riciclo Sheefali Asija

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Max Crivello
7 anni fa
Max Crivello Artista
hi timeship, amazing work.

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