Materializzazioni e Colori
Mostre, Roma, 30 giugno 2016
Materializzare concetti immateriali creando reazioni che il colore evoca è il cuore pulsante della mostra che si terrà presso Arte Borgo Gallery dal 30 giugno all’11 luglio 2016
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rahu dev
2 settimane fa
rahu dev Artista
Nevertheless, utilize them with caution, due to the fact that once a card inhabits a free cell, that card can only be eliminated if there is an area on among the tableau piles to move it to.
Yaroslava Bork
10 mesi fa
Yaroslava Bork Artista
Это Жуть...Не дай Боже стать таким...)))
Collien Paul Paul
11 mesi fa
This coat has great quality close to each one of the parts which I have found in the photograph on the site. The thing which got my thought at most is the tones which are truly new <a href="">Rorschach Coat</a> in blend for a coat.
Collien Paul Paul
1 anno fa
Hopeless plus white are the shades of captivating photographs. To me they talk to the substitutes of confidence and unhappiness toward which masculinity is continually subjected.
arteborgo gallery
1 anno fa
Dear Artist, vero interesting and keep your comments, it wuold be very nice to exhibit Hours Works.
If you arte interesting please contact us.
Arte Borgo Gallery
Collien Paul Paul
1 anno fa
Miserable and white are the shades of taking photos. To me they speak to the substitutes of certainty and hopelessness to which masculinity is ceaselessly subjected.
Helen Steiner
1 anno fa
Helen Steiner Artista
Gloomy and white are the colors of taking photographs. To me they represent the substitutes of confidence and misery to which manhood is incessantly subjected.

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