At Museo Crocetti, Rome: solo exhibition of Ulla Karttunen
Mostre, Roma, 28 giugno 2019
For the first time in Rome, a wide solo exhibition by Finland-based contemporary artist Ulla Karttunen, at a prestigious museum space in Rome. The exhibition ”Donna Fatale: metamorphoses of the modern”, curated by Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia, is held from 28th June to 11th July 2019 at Museo Crocetti (Via Cassia 492, Rome). Vernissage will be at Friday 28 June at 6 pm.

The exhibition presents about 30 works, digital paintings and installations, many of them never earlier shown. Karttunen creates large-format aluminium and acrylic based works, which cannot be categorized solely photographs nor paintings, but both and more. Karttunen’s digital works and installations have been awarded in various international art contests, and been characterized as highly skilled, impressive and visionary, ”horribly beautiful, even sacred-like” or ”capturing with color, rapture, devotion and dazzle”.

The theme of the exhibition, Donna Fatale, means a fatal woman. But instead of film noir's glamorous seducers, the exhibition is more about equality as a globally fatal question. In a global perspective, women's freedom reflects the degree of the development of society. Questions about women's right to self-determination and education are related to even more fatal questions about population growth and planet’s ecological future.

The curator of the exhibition, Sveva Manfredi Zavaglia, sees Karttunen’s works as ”photographic poetry”. Karttunen’s works can be interpreted as Dionysian or Nietzschean art: through the tragic and the darkness they go towards the ecstatic, to the Dionysian yes-saying. The vivid and strong colour palette combines sensual, satirical and irrational touch.

Ulla Karttunen is an internationally renowned transdisciplinary avantgarde artist who focuses on digital images, installations, and conceptual and socially critical projects. She exhibits internationally; recently her art has been seen in eg. London, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Florence, Miami, Paris, Ponte de Lima, Bologna, Algiers, Ljubljana, Leipzig and Berlin. Karttunen has been awarded a five-year artist grant in the field of multidisciplinary visual art. As a theoretically oriented philosopher-artist she has also written about 200 essays and lectured at various international conferences.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue, later available in &
Image: Bunny (Never) Smiles, 2019

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