Mostre, Venezia, 22 luglio 2017
This ancient stone was used by the Babylonians in their divination and to help them to magically defeat their enemies. They believed as well it increased their strength and made them invisible.
Many ancient cultures believed it had magical powers back to 5000 BC.

May the Bloodstone help Syria, Protect it and heal it?!

The Syrian artist Maysa Mohamed, Had to back to Syria in the first years of the war since 2011. Surrounded by the war in her city Damascus. Living day after day seeing her city is destroying, her people are dying.
A terrific scary situation made her being locked in her studio and keeps painting. Panicking about the Syrian history and heritage that will be completely destroyed in the war as well. Trying to save the memories in her paintings. For this terrific situation, Maysa lived in, her painting’s technique is completely changed as well. As a new artist has been born inside her.
“I am building and destroying while I am painting, an involuntary technique inspired by the situation I lived in Syria,” Maysa said.
At Maysa’s paintings have the potency to take you to a deep anguish trip inside the Syrian sadness.

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