So Contemporary - Luc De Prest, Isabelle Cochereau, Katy De Bock
Mostre, Belgium, Provincie West-Vlaanderen, Brugge, 19 gennaio 2013
Luc De Prest was born in Bruges on November 21st in 1962. He has been busy with art in metal for 25 years. He lets his imaginative thoughts flow trough his hands and chooses his material on the basis of an instinctive affinity. A harmonious selection of recycled parts from engines, machinery, industrial installations, pumps, etc. serve as a basis for a new work of art.
Isabelle Cochereau - Montreuil, Ile-De-France, France - made after her training at the academy Duperré the choice to exchange paint for giga's and bites, because she just discovered that she misses her strength and technique in the painting. She brings pieces from the art history together with a contemporary medium to build up her collages.
Katy was born in Gent on 27 August 1957 - Textile artist - Katy De Bock used various textile techniques. Brightly colored fabrics perform numerous "bulges" or "buttons" that are sometimes more structured form patterns, sometimes quite chaotic seem to swarm. . The use of bright, saturated colors betrays an earnest pursuit of beauty.

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Rudolf Lichtenegger
7 anni fa
Much success!!!!!!!

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