Mostre, Israele, Tel Aviv, 01 marzo 2010
Eternal Eve
International Group Exhibition
March 2010

This coming March, set in the Old City, a new provocative and sensual exhibition will open in the Jaffa Museum of Antiques. The international group show Eternal Eve will explore the time celebrated figure of Eve.
This is the second of a series of shows that mark the occasion of International Woman's Day. The curator Zina Bercovici is herself an artist who boasts a keen understanding of paintwork and the female form.
Each of the selected artists, painters, illustrators, and sculptors alike, depicts their 'Eve' in a timeless manner, further underlining the ongoing exploration of the unreal character. She is a goddess, a flawed human, naive and a temptress all in one. Eve is illusive for she embodies all that it means to be female. For this reason, she is a constant source of inspiration for artists of all cultures.

The selected works all depict Eve as beauty suspended in a timeless place, without any indications of where or when she might be, be it in an intimate embrace of a lover or in her solitude. She could be a single figure standing in a blank landscape or an abstract form; the artists have not given the viewer any indication of a time or place. The works show her suspended beyond a time; eternal.
Set against the backdrop of ancient Jaffa and its antiques, this exhibition is a salute to the complexity of Eve and the everlasting presence she holds within us.
The exhibition featured artists from the world over, with presence from Norway, Greece, Austria, Italy, Germany, U.S.A, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Canada and Israel. By selecting such an internationally diverse presence, the exhibition gives a broad spectrum of the many representations of Eve, the first woman.
Zina Bercovici was born in Romania and currently lives in Haifa. She has exhibited extensively in Israel and internationally, most notably in Wien, London and Canada. She also saw an honorable mention for painting at the Biennale-Museo De Arte Di Chianciano Terme in Italy.
Opening: 04/03/2010 at 18:00
Curator: Mrs. Zina Bercovici
The exhibition will close on 19/03/10
The Jaffa museum of antiquities
The museum is open sunday - thursday 10:00-18:00
Friday 10:00-14:00
Featured in the exhibition are: Edna Benes, Sissel Aurland, Dagmar Calais, Zina Bercovici, Alessia Carrara, Christiane Broido, Miriam Cojocaro, Doron Dahan, Anneli Di Francis, Barbara Crimella, Marit Eide Rosendal, Nina Dreyerhenjum, Sonja Eisenberg, Maureen Fain, Marlen Ferrer, Maryla Feder, Mina Gampell, Karen Frostig, Ileana Haber, Hans Jorgen Henriksen, Angela Hopf, Edmund Ian Grant, Ella Kilmalov, Renee Kahn, Hilde Klomp, Solomon Leviev, Roberto Lucato, Jacqueline Lipszyc, Mais, Alexandra Marati, Yeruham Mazan, Eduard Mattes, Katy Paldi, Sonia Natra, Hanna Oren Huppert, Renee Nass, Mariannic Parra, Joseph Palmor, Marieta Reijerkerk, Isolde Paul, Barbara Robinsohn, Hana Plater, Helene Rocker, Kristi Rene, Ruth Segal, Alberto Sadrinas, Edy Snir, Pnina Sivan, Josie Taglienti, Anga Sterrenberg, Guri Annikki Torgersen, Astrid Stoefhas, Ulla Wobst, Rosalind Weinberg, Christer Wollman Fiedler, and Ady Zalk.

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