Ghoramara di De Sung Lee e Desktop Gardens
Mostre, Milano, 08 maggio 2014
"DESKTOP GARDEN" is a installation on the tabletop. In spite of the small size, a real garden.
In 2008, I proposed this small style as "DESKTOP GARDEN".
There are various garden style all over the world. Japanese natural garden, Italian formal garden, French geometorical garden, English landscape garden, Islamic quadripartite garden, Chinese classical garden, and so on.
In Japanese garden, "Tsubo niwa",a small sized garden are popular, like spanish patio. Useally, It is constructed in the urban residence in the old city, like Kyoto.
In spite of the small size of this garden style, there is a huge artisic landscape and rich history of stacked layer.
"DESKTOP GARDEN" is further reduced small garden to the limit.
But,It has huge landscape and history same as "Tsubo niwa".
Furthermore, easily, everybody can bring it to all over the world in his suitscase.
Thus, a new international platform for cultural exchange has created, using this small garden.
Now, Artists of Italy and Japan created new "DESKTOP GARDENS" in this exhibition.
Please imagine and enjoy the real landscape from these small gardens.

Hal SOWA Ph.D.

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