ARS MOMENTUM - The art of the moment
Mostre, Austria, Leoben, 14 febbraio 2019
Solo Exhibition
The exhibition Ars Momentum shows how big and small moments and encounters inspire my work.
In my paintings there is a universe of moments like this: every single piece of art reflects a great or even a small experience, always captured in an unique way, dealing with the experience carefully and capturing the feelings on a canvas to give the emotions a dignified frame to give and communicate to the environment, the observers of his works.
The works on show range from abstract painting to realism, sculptures complete the exhibition.
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Paul Brotherton
6 mesi fa
Paul Brotherton Artista, Designer
Congratulations Rudolf..... and best wishes for the exhibition!
Agatino Furnari - Mess
6 mesi fa
Complimenti Rudolf, tantissimi auguri. Ciao
Lino Bianco
6 mesi fa
In bocca al lupo!!!!!
6 mesi fa
Fabiobram Premium Artista
Auguri Grande Rudolf per la tua personale !! Ciao
Maria Elena  Ritorto
6 mesi fa
Complimenti e congratulazioni Rudolf!
Teresa Palombini
6 mesi fa
Tanti auguri!!
Suzan a1qq Hijab
6 mesi fa
Herzlich Glückwunsch Rudolf - Super - ich wünsche Dir viel erfolg-
6 mesi fa
giordyart Artista
Complimenti Rudolf !!!
Maristella  Angeli
6 mesi fa
Maristella Angeli Premium Pittore, Artista
6 mesi fa
Bravo un percorso tortuoso per ogni artista .ma ogni tanto un esposizione ricarica la batteria di energia per continuare....

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