Mobilnale 2
Mostre, Repubblica Ceca, Praha, 08 ottobre 2010
Participative public art work by


Work selected by
Helidon Gjergji and Lýdia Pribišová

Alexandra Karpukhina and Dionisis Christofilogiannis

Peter Barényi & Eja Devečková,
Erik Binder
Amanda Browder
András Csefalvay
Lucia Dovičáková & Jozef Tušan
Petra Feriancová
Viktor Frešo
Ján Gašparovič Vladimir Myrtezai Grosha
Christoph Hoeschele
Dionisis Christofilogiannis
Jana Kapelová & Magdaléna Kuchtová
Peter Králik
Armando Lulaj
Guido Albi Marini
Artan Shabani
Alice Schivardi
Sadik Spahija
Magda Tóthova & Michael Strasser

“The fact that the increasing number of shimmering automobiles in the streets goes hand to hand with the propagation of personal ads in the daily journals has prompted the uncanny utopic urge of reversing that phenomenon, if even for a few days.

About 20 to 30 international artists will be invited to install art projects in their cars, which will be parked for three days during the opening of the TINA B festival in a parking lot in the city of Prague. The parking lot will be operational during the time of this event, so many other random vehicles will pull in and out, creating much desired confusion between randomness and carefully controlled projects. So the cars of the artists will be integrated in a real functional parking lot, which will create a new situation and insure a more direct contact with the wider public.

Rather than obscure, we will try to make evident that many people drive their carfriends for the simple reason that they can’t go to bed with them. There is no doubt that the real carness of a car becomes quite conspicuous in the moment that it is not carrying out its so-called normal functions. A static car in a parking space, with its luscious post-car-wash surface and with the alluring antenna of its stereo system erected, is much closer to its reason for being than when it is transporting the driver’s sister to the hospital as the result of a sequence of unheroic diarrhea attacks.

Making artistic interventions with parked cars will thus enhance their aura, exhibiting the public’s dysfunctional relationship with the carness of their cars and melting their metallicized social energies. So, the art will create an appropriate context for the cars in lieu of the cars creating an alternative venue for the art”. (Helidon Gjergji)

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Patrizia Polese
9 anni fa
Patrizia Polese Artista
congratulation and good luck

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