Infantellina Contemporary featured Monteoliveto gallery present manuela Vaccaro & Luigi Montefoschi "Critical point of stable equilibrium"
Mostre, Germania, Berlin, 05 ottobre 2012
October 5 to 16, 2012
Punto critico di equilibrio stabile
disturbing images, the loneliness and alienation of man confined to urban and post-industrial decay, dialogue with the paintings and installations where Nature is primary
bipersonal exhibition photography/painting
Opening October 5 at 6 p.m.

Critical point of stable equilibrium.

Humanity is at a critical point of stable equilibrium. Beyond is chaos, but there may exist a new lease of life ... man is immersed in a barren landscape, created by himself, where anthropogenic factors outweigh natural ones, totally integrated into a suffocating and decaying urban skyline, like the opulent western countries of the world.
Continents exploited, abused, raped, ravaged…, disfigured cities, format, unusable to most people, privilege for few. Oppressed cities oppressing man who has engineered, designed, constructed them and altered according to his image. Urban landscapes crush and imprison a man who can no longer see himself anywhere but there, convinced of the rightness of his own slavery ... people and places used and thrown with the same ease and speed of objects.
People without ethics, places without beauty, without history or culture, a culture that, day after day lose respect for women, the pursuit of beauty as a value, as well as the Western countries lose ethical and aesthetic references, history and traditions, exploit and pollute the Earth.The exhibition unfolds along a path that goes from the photographs of Luigi Montefoschi: disturbing images in which we perceive clearly the loneliness and alienation of man encapsulated and confined inside dilapidated urban and post-industrial realities; to the paintings and installations by Manuela Vaccaro where you can feel a sense of peace and harmony, women's history, ancient female divinities, trees, leaves, flowers made from recycled plastic, cloth, paper, recovered mirrors symbolize the natural elements, and ideally lead the viewer into a paradise pristine, inhabited by female figures representing the sacredness of Mother Earth.

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