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Nursery of Curiosities: A First Solo Exhibit by Nasser Lubay

May 15 - 31, 2016

G/F Arte Pintura Gallery, The Address at Wack Wack,
Wack Wack Road, Mandaluyong City

Exhibition Notes

After making significant strides in the art scene highlighted by winning runner-up honors in an international art competition, Nasser Lubay finds the ripe moment to present a cohesive array of his works to this day. This first solo exhibition marks an important point in Lubay’s art making practice as he puts together a seminal collection, a survey reflecting his development as an artist throughout the years. In this suite of work, he foments the idea of irreversible growth and germination. Intently, he underlines such beginnings in the history of life, such formative stages and natural process of growing, of being and becoming. In this instance, art like in nature, ripens or demonstrates fruition over necessary periods of time.

His images are often billowing vistas of narrative laden, layered images if not singularly amorphous images that bloom with flourishing details and other suggestive elements. Subjects and themes whether inspired by Mayan cultures, animals, buildings, wallpapers, real or imagined or just products of quotidian thoughts and everyday living, all find connection in nature and natural processes. Intuitive creativity is the wisdom of this engagement and artworks were conjured and visually phrased in images that can be fantastical and patently surreal as pastiche and veiled interpretations of reality, partly guided in form by intellect and feelings.

Immediately, Lubay shows interest in growing things and biotic process as he proffers the idea of sense of growth, creative commitment, promise and potential, beginnings and man’s inborn and inherent instincts and focus on lives or alive or even what men has created to ensure his survival. The seed and anything plant like as the core metaphor of beginnings, nascent phases of things leading to their graceful trajection ---- they have nowhere to go but to shoot upward and grow. It can be also be an allusion to the creative mind’s inherent character to unfold its limitless potential.

For the artist, growth, change and mutability are a cosmic reality and in fact change and evolution are necessary and inherent processes of human experience. Not just humans but everything characteristically grows as living matters. Likewise, growth extends beyond physical and material but the in the sphere of ideas. Men (and women) have the power to create things as well as part of his nature. As a result, Lubay not just tackles and frames this reality but at some point they do reflect on things created in the past and modern constructs, inanimate objects and man-made realities perhaps created now or earlier that continue to form our environment and dictates our lives.

Likewise, our understanding and relationships continue to be ever complex in form yet reveal imprints and hints of past ancient wisdom and the processes it went and will go through. As a matter of awareness, he turns to personal experiences and memory as aestheticizing passages and responses to convey his art and how he wants pursue his view and feelings of things and the callow delights as well as special capacity to create images and convey the world in a unique and personal way.

Curated by Philip Almazan Paraan


For further details, please contact +63 915 5610987

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