Co-Existence 4
Mostre, Roma, 07 luglio 2018
Co-Existence 4

7 - 13 July, 2018

Now in its 4th edition, the exhibition in question will be a real concert, which will involve artists of various nationalities aimed at living and capturing the glances on their own nomadist thinking, on coexistences and slips; all implemented with different techniques, and that in the spirit of these find the reason for unity. It is evident that the coexistence of various artistic languages ​​that are correlated, interpenetrate and integrate, becomes an important parameter in the comprehension and evaluation of artistic expressions of different cultural realities as a tool able to provide a unitary reading key. Attention to different languages, knowledge and exchange with others find concrete ways and privileged channels of realization precisely in artistic and expressive languages. Towards this conciliatory direction, therefore, we must read the metamorphic capacity of art, ever more tended to fathom in the dynamics and alternating coexistence of oppositional systems the respect and recognition of alterity that struggles and requires a more mature reflection. To aspire to start and to promote, step by step, the search for a common reason, can in fact give an account of new possibilities for comparison and cultural growth.

Artisti: Janice Alamanou, Isabella Angelini, Teresa Bianchi, Roberto Bonetti, Tamara Budnikova, Maristella Campolunghi, Francesca Costa, Alex Di Meglio, Osamu Jinguji, Barbro Jonasson, LiV, Paolo Monina, Gabrielle Mutti, Mirja Birgitta Nuutinen, Marlen Peix, Daniela Rebecchi, Meir Salomon, Shigeru K, Gladys Sica, Dolors Simó, Christina Steinwendtner, Luciano Celli Tancredi, Lady Yupiigold, Angelo Zuena

edited by Cristina Madini

opening Saturday 7th July from 6.00pm to 8.00pm

open from Mon to Fri 11am - 7pm

infoline: 06 60658125

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