Diversity Contemporary
Mostre, Roma, 21 maggio 2018
Works from China, Japan, Turkey, Israel, Australia, Central America, the USA and Canada and Europe, the 30 artists have chosen Rome as a place to exhibit their works above all as a point of meeting for dialogue and comparison of their art.
Being different is the best way to be unique. Uniqueness should be our aspiration and to achieve it we should use our creativity.

The exhibition enhances this uniqueness and the identity diversity of contemporary art. The exhibition, which Rossocinabro will open to the public on Monday 21 May at 11 am in the Rome area in Via Raffaele Cadorna 28, will be structured in several contemporary and synergistic moments, all aimed at making known, to the public, the techniques and the poetics of the various artistic representations. 40 works will be exhibited including paintings, sculptures, photographs and drawings. "There is not a minimum common denominator, because we have not looked for it" - explains the curator and organizer of the exhibition Joe Hansen - "will be, therefore, that analyze and present the various aspects of contemporary art, highlighting, the role of artistic value linked to the uniqueness and originality of each of the various and all equally possible readings that are given to the original work ". The exhibition will be open until May 31st from Monday to Friday from 11am to 7pm

Alamanou Janice, Shlomit Anderman, Alan Cariddi, Seth Chwast, Mario Formica, Jörg Galka-Teisseyre, Saints García Cánovas, Katharina Goldyn, Ana Paola González, Haupts Christina, Hans Johansson, Osamu Jinguij, Barbro Jonasson, Lady Yupigold, LiV, Sebastián López Duran, Walter Marin, Friedhard Meyer, Muisco, Marlen Peix, Prussi, Michelle Purves, Daniela Rebecchi, Amanda Ruck, Meir Salomon, Martin Severinson, Dolors Simó, Vera Tsepkova, Anthony Vella, Laara William Sen

Edited by Joe Hansen

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