Mostre, Roma, 14 ottobre 2017
This October the permanent collection returns to the RossoCinabro Gallery with a dynamic new presentation of 40 works from all world. The exhibition includes iconic favorites alongside new acquisitions, which will be displayed at the RossoCinabro for the first time. Cristina Madini and Joe Hansen Curators, selected the works and conceived the presentation. The exhibition does away with hierarchical distinctions and the idea of the curator’s voice as absolute authority, instead presenting works that engender ever-evolving associations and interpretations. The works are loosely thematically organized to mimic an analog version of the Web, using an associative approach derived from the way we navigate today’s “hyperlinked” world. Visitors are encouraged to find their own path through a network of possibilities that highlight explicit connections as well as subtle, unexpected resonances among the artworks on view. Each artwork tells many stories, and each is made even more interesting through relationships to other works and ideas. As those works continues to develop meanings and spawn questions through contact with other artworks, it remains vital in a changing world.

Artisti: Renate Anding, Dina Babay, Annamaria Biagini, Helga Borbás, Elda Calabrese, Daniele Calvani, Alan Cariddi, Laura Casini, Cecily, Celina, Dino Coffani, EDMX Montanari, Giovanna Fabretti, Francesca Guetta, Jaanz Lynn, Osamu Jinguji, Hiroshi Kawazumi, Agnieszka Konopka, Mirella La Rosa, Lady Yupiigold, Sybille Lampe, Lisa J Levasseur, LEX, Giacoma Lo Coco, Vincenzo Messina, Elvio Miressi, Päivyt Niemeläinen, Anja Stella Ólafsdóttir, Vilma Panula, Daniela Rebecchi, Elke Reis, Rizza Boo, Christina Steinwendtner, Inga Svanberg, Linda Syvertsen, Gitana Vaicyte, Martina Volandri, Anouk Wolse, Yalim Yildirim, Derya Yilmaz, Ziba Moasser a cura di Cristina Madini e Joe Hansen

curated by Cristina Madini e Joe Hansen

opening Saturday 14th October 6pm-8pm
from 16th October you can see the exhibition from Monday to Friday 11am - 7pm

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