Works in Residence [From 3rd-Aug-2017 until 30th-Sep-2018]
Mostre, Roma, 03 agosto 2017
Our contract of collaboration between in Italy and me was now extended for more one year. So, my works will continue to be exhibited and to be directly available at their gallery located in Rome. Check out their monthly events and their each information. (Update: 1st-Nov-2017)

Please make me announce that recently I have decided to take part in a program "Works in Residence" the international art exhibitions with RossoCinabro Gallery in Rome, Italy.

This is a collaboration to exhibit some works in RossoCinabro gallery in Rome for several months, who was reported among the 10 best contemporary art galleries in Rome (see: To participate in this program from their exhibits of group shows scheduled in August, on 21-JulI, I have already shipped my 2 works to this gallery, which have been already selected by them. On Aug-3, my works have already arrived in Rome, Italy and been safely displayed at RossoCinabro Gallery. Also, at the same time, my works and introductions have been opened on their webpages.

These are the webpages online:
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RossoCinabro gallery
Via Raffaele Cadorna 28
00187 Roma Italia​
monday - friday 11 a.m - 7 p.m​

[Gallery Story]
Just like the intense shade of red it takes its name from, Rosso Cinabro represents an extraordinary passion for art. Thanks to the guidance of its director Cristina Madini, over the years Rosso Cinabro has become a flower – albeit still somewhat niche – in the direct vicinity of the beautiful Villa Borghese. Opened in 2009, RossoCinabro is committed to making art accessible. The gallery has organised over 100 exhibitions in the past four years, from solo shows of interesting artists from abroad to collective exhibitions of 22up-and-coming local creatives.

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